While searching for my holiday home, I was afraid that I was going to have to become an expert in the Marbella, Torremolinos and Malaga property markets. I thought I was going to spend hours a day for weeks on end searching for an appropriate holiday home for myself for the coming years, up to and after my retirement. It turns out I was wrong. This is because:

So let us start with the prices. It really did amaze me how little you have to pay for a Malaga property. Even close to the capital of the world-famous Costa del Sol you can get into the Malaga property market for far less than you might expect. There’s obviously a wide range of options available, including buildings that require a whole lot of renovation right up to luxury villas priced in the millions, but as long as you have a budget in mind when you begin, you can be absolutely certain that you will find something that fits your budget.

The sheer amount availability on the Malaga property market

Another factor in making the search easy is that there is an incredible amount of Malaga property available. Sure, that could be a disadvantage, sorting through countless run-down wrecks or over-priced monstrosities. You could spend days just searching through endless website of badly maintained listings, looking at photos which seem to have been taken around 25 years ago and trying to decipher awful translations from Spanish. You could be trawling through houses in bad neighbourhoods where you would never even consider living. And that’s all before you even have to arrange to visit your various options. But as long as you have a plan, as long as you know what you are looking for, you can be sure that you will find it on the Malaga property listings. You can make your search as narrow as you like and you’ll still find what you are searching for. You want to be 5 floors up in an apartment complex with a swimming pool and a tennis court? You got it. You have always dreamed of a country house with olive trees and space for dogs? Not a problem at all. You want to be in the centre of town, surrounded by pubs and restaurants? You’ll find that in seconds. So keep your searches specific and focussed, and only search listings which are well maintained. And that brings us on to point three.

Asking the experts from Realista for help

Without a doubt the best website that I encountered, and the company that really helped to make my search a doddle, was Realista. They are experts in the Costa del Sol and Malaga property market, and their website includes a huge variety of Malaga property. I expect that the majority of people looking for their holiday or retirement home on the Costa del Sol would find exactly what they were searching for at www.realista.com. Every available type of property is listed on their site, and it was the best site I encountered in terms of keeping everything clear and up-to-date. Once I had made a few selections for viewing, their agents arranged the timings of my viewings to make everything as convenient as possible. They helped in price negotiation and they assisted me through the Spanish bureaucratic process. With their help the whole process went quickly and painlessly.