Although Bob Sniekers lives in Europe which is one of the most amazing parts of the world, especially Amsterdam where he resides, he loves to travel the globe. Probably because his parents raised him to be a traveler but also because he is curious by nature, especially curious to the unknown.

After speaking to Bob Sniekers for several times about his journeys, a few pop out. They pop out because they are not like holidays you and I would make. The first being a trip, well almost more of a relocation to the island of Saint-Maarten. Bob Sniekers was 5 years old at the time. His mother decided – wrong or right – that is was time to take some time off. They visited the island for a few months in the summer of ’94. First they were residing on a yacht. Bob loved the ocean and swimming and when he was given the opportunity to sail this enormous yacht to another island together with a licensed captain, he obviously did not refuse. Two weeks into their stay at the island of Saint-Maarten, Bob and his mom were informed of a dangerous hurricane coming their way. This meant leaving the yacht and checking in to a hotel. Not even 24 hours later the storm hit. Bob told me that he actually saw someone “fly” when he looked out of the basement window of the hotel. The storm lasted a full 36 hours before everybody was allowed to go back to their hotel rooms. There was an upside though: When trapped in the hotel basement for 36 hours, Bob was taught gambling and card games. At age 5 he made every grown up lose his or her money that day!

Years later, being a grown up, not so long ago, Bob was asked to hop by in Cape Town for a weekend with his father who was vacationing there. Without hesitation Bob Sniekers jumped on a plain and with 2 stop over’s he arrived in Cape Town without having slept for 2 days. Immediately Bob was indulged in the beautiful nature that is South-Africa. Not realizing that this actually is a beautiful country he refused to go there for years already. This was a big eye opener! Now he understood why everybody talked so well about this country! Although not entirely safe, Bob Sniekers decided to walk the streets of Cape-Town by himself at night that weekend. And what a weekend it was!

Not long after returning from the weekend in Cape-Town a good friend of Bob went to Thailand for a couple of months. Because Bob had a very special friendship with this individual he decided to come by for two weeks. But when browsing the world wide web for airplane tickets Bob decided to go a week earlier and have a bit of a Thailand adventure by himself before meeting up. In the summer of 2013 he arrived in Bangkok where he didn’t see any daylight for 3 days straight. That meant it was time to search for a more idyllic place to spend his first week in Thailand. He had no set travel plans and only one backpack to carry with him, so why not! The choice fell on the island of Koh Samui where he rented a little right hand drive jeep and explored the island on the first day. It was supposed to be an idyllic island full of nature but it was not how he imagined it. There was not a single square meter without cement or trash. Though every minute on this island was awesome for him. He loved being by himself and making his own plans as he went. Eventually he met up with his friend and went to the island of Koh Phangan where they celebrated a full moon party! The next weeks were spent traveling to every nice beach throughout Thailand! And in case you were already wondering: No, he did not make it home in time, Bob Sniekers ended up extending his ticket several times and checking out Indonesia as well!

This is a small part of the travel stories I have been talking about with Bob. And although the most exciting parts are probably not spoken about, it all sounded amazing anyway!