To open a Dutch company there are certain steps to be taken to ensure that the process will go smoothly and correct. Sometimes starting a business can require a lot of paper work, administration, and other formalities. Although setting up a business in the Netherlands can be a very profitable project, it can cost alot of time and effort to take all the required steps to open the Dutch company. For that reason, it can prove worthwhile to find a professional institution that can help you take care of all the formalities and paper work. By letting another party handle all the paper work and other necessities, you will have more time to spend on other work. What is more, the professional institution knows exactly what steps to take and which approach to take. For you as a client the process of opening a business in the Netherlands will be much smoother and less demanding. You can rest assured that all formal matters will be handled professionally and effectively. To open a Dutch company, it can offer a lot of advantages to hire an institution to take care of the legal and administrative work for you.

Where can you open your Dutch company safely?

In order to open a Dutch company in a safe way, it is recommended to do enough research before choosing a corporation that helps with setting up companies. To make sure that you get the best help and results, it is crucial to find an experienced and trustworthy institution. Intercompany Solutions is a corporation located in Rotterdam at the World Trade Center. It is known as a reliable and very experienced institution that has helped many clients found their own company over the years. When you choose to open your Dutch company via, you can trust that all your projects will be handled with care and as effectively as possible. Intercompany Solutions has highly educated employees who all know English as their second language. Next to their native language, the employees are fully able to work professionally in English and often other foreign languages. That greatly benefits the way the employees will handle the steps that need to be taken for founding companies in the Netherlands. Next to experienced, highly educated staff, Intercompany Solutions also has the benefit of being located in one of the most international trade cities of the world. Rotterdam offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a successful business.

Why start a business in the Netherlands?

What are the benefits of starting a company in the Netherlands? When you open a Dutch company, you can profit from very favourable regulations. The rules are very clearly defined and as a starting entrepreneur you can count on transparency. You will enjoy the following advantages when doing business in the Netherlands:

When you open your Dutch company, you will personally experience how flexible and open the Dutch business environment is. This offers many opportunities for starting entrepreneurs. With the help of Intercompany Solutions, it is possible to set up an enterprise safely and within a very short time.