If you want to start a company in the Netherlands it’s very important that you know exactly what you’re doing. The rules and laws that apply in Holland may differ from the ones in your own country, and therefor it’s not a bad idea to get some help while starting up your business. Intercompany Solutions is a business that focuses on foreign enterpreneurs and international companies that are starting new activities in the Netherlands. They are specialized in providing them with advise and tips about for example the best company formation for their business. Intercompany Solutions is the place to go if you want to start a company in the Netherlands but have no idea where to start. At their website you’ll already find tons of information about starting and owning a business in Holland, but if you’re new to it all it might be a better idea to hire them as a consultant, to make sure you do everything the way you’re supposed to.

Start a company in the Netherlands in a few steps

If you’re planning to move your company to Holland, or start a company in the Netherlands from scratch, there is a set of steps that you’ll need to take. If you follow these steps and hire Intercompany Solutions to guide you through them, it’s a piece of cake to start a company in the Netherlands. A few of these steps are for example:

A few other steps apply, that you can find on the website of Intercompany Solutions. If you’re not sure what they all mean, or how to take those steps, it’s better to hire one of the professionals of Intercompany Solutions for advise. Technically, it’s not very difficult to start a company in the Netherlands. however, the biggest issue for a lot of enterpreneurs is that they don’t know the rules and laws that apply, and they don’t speak the language. Even though the level of English is very high in Holland, you still might experience some problems because a lot if the official websites are in Dutch. intercompany Solutions can help you with translations, also when you need to apply some official documents (that are usually also in Dutch).

Why start a company in Holland?

With Brexit coming up, it’s not a bad idea to start a company in the Netherlands. It’s a great alternative for British businesses that are afraid of the uncomfortable position the UK will be in. Not only in the EU, but also in many other countries that have agreements with the EU. They might start experiencing issues while negotiating, and will have a better position when their company is based in Holland. So if you’re the owner of a business in the UK and you wish to avoid a Brexit drawback, start a company in the Netherlands. The Netherlands have a very good position in the economy world wide, and you will for sure benefit our ongoing role in the EU.