The disc harrow is a modern farm tool that is almost indispensable when it comes to soil, crops and weeds. In the twentieth century, it was primarily used as a tool in combination with horses or an ox. The disc harrow, then still called a disc plough, turned manual labor and the power of a horse or ox into a well ploughed field. This allowed for the elimination of weeds, left over crops and crop remainders. Although the intensive use of the disc harrow ultimately might have led to the increased prevalence of desert like areas, it did have an enormous impact on farming practices. Nowadays, the disc harrow is simply a standard tool in the farmer’s life. That is, it is used for mundane farming activities. In effect, it serves the following goals.

Another characteristic of the apparatus are the iron and steel discs that do the actual work in the soil. Made of highly sustainable materials, these discs are practically invulnerable. As such, a shard of pottery, a stone or a left-over piece of metal will not damage them.

What purpose do the iron and steel discs serve on the disc harrow?

The disc harrow contains a number of iron and steel discs to help it work. That is, the discs plough through the ground and actually bring about the advantages that the disc harrow has to offer. They are deliberately set in the machine adjacently. In other words, when you look at the apparatus from the top, you will not see the discs line up perfectly with the outline of the machine. In contrast, you will see that the round elements are set adjacently. This important to farming practises due to two reasons. First off, it allows for the discs of the disc harrow to partly skimp over the soil. Thereby, it shuffles the soil in a specific manner that allows for the optimal absorption of several natural elements, such as minerals and vitamins. It also is of great use to the efficient managing of water in the form of rain. Secondly, the discs are put in adjacently because this allows them to partly pick up the soil and deposit it a few centimetres away. If done often enough, this will create a dynamic change of soil, sand a clay on the fields, thus mixing different layers and substances. In effect, this allows the seeds and crops to grow better and thus become more richly filled plants. With regard to modern day models of the disc harrow, such as those produced by large farming materials companies, it is safe to say that all of them can be raised hydraulically. They are further almost always put behind tractors that are able to pull them and supply the energy that is needed for the hydraulic functions. Especially in the United States, it is common to boast enormous machines that belong to the category of the disc harrow. These often have side sections that can separately be lifted with the use of hydraulics. That allows for the following advantages.

The use of a disc harrow has many benefits

In conclusion, the apparatus described above serves an important goal in farming. That is, it ploughs the soil, thereby cultivating it. In other words, it makes the soil more fertile by shuffling it and allowing minerals and vitamins to seep into it. Additionally, it allows for an efficient management of rain water and irrigation water. The discs are furthermore set in diagonally, thereby serving the goals mentioned above even more efficiently. One could easily say that the change from horses or an ox to the tractor as a pulling method has not been the only change in this domain. In fact, one could very well argue that the increased use of hydraulics, better materials for the discs (i.e. iron and steel) and the increased precision of the machine are a revolution in itself in the farming industry. The use of these machines, such as those produced by Evers, has thereby become an indispensable farming practice. A final detail is the symmetry or asymmetry of the discs that are part of the apparatus. This does in itself not have a large effect, but my suit certain fields better or worse. We advise you to visit the website of Evers and take a look yourself at their marvelous products: