Tyson Offenberg was born in Los Angeles in 1987.  His father is Dutch and he was born in Putten 1947 and moved to Amstelveen a suburb of Amsterdam. His mother was Born in Los Angels 1952 and grew up in South Central. After they moved from Los Angeles to Amsterdam when he was a young boy he visted the States every year several times. Tyson Offenberg told me he loves Los Angeles and Amsterdam equally and might even move back to the states in the future. What he loves about L.A. is that it’s such a big city with so incredibly much life. Tyson told me L.A. is a city of stories. Not just screenplays and novels. But real life stories that can only happen in L.A. A close encounter with dolphins. A brush with a celebrity. A cupcake from a vending machine. It could be an event, an exhibit, a song.  But the moment it happens, you can’t wait to tell everyone back home about it. Tyson loves to just walk around venice beach and visit the grove and all his family in L.A. Just being there is energising. Just like L.A. Amsterdam is a city with real life stories that can only happen in Amsterdam. You might pull Dutch fast food out of a wall. You can walk around in the red light district and look at scarcely dressed women behind windows offering themselves for fifty bucks. You might even end up smoking in one of the best coffee shops in the world. Tyson Offenberg strongly dislikes the self entitled people on bicycles in Amsterdam but it’s just a part of the city. If you have never been to L.A. or Amsterdam either cities are more then worth putting on your bucketlist and both cities offer way more the described in this short story.