realista is a high quality real estate agency in Marbella, that focuses on properties in the entire area of Andalusia. If you are looking for a nice Estepona property in a higher price range, realista’s website is the place to go to. There you’ll find a wide range of wonderfully luxurious homes and plots in the south of Spain, and always many options for those looking for a Estepona property. However, they also have beautiful properties in (among others) the following cities:

Obviously there are many smaller towns in-between or close to those cities, that also have beautiful homes for sale. But the biggest part of the homes that are sold by realista is based in one of the places mentioned above. An important thing to mention about the range of homes for sale at realista is that they only focus on the luxurious homes, like big townhouses, villas and penthouses or other fancy apartments. realista specializes in luxurious homes in the south of Spain, and those looking for a fancy Malaga or Estepona property will for sure find their dream home at realista’s website. 

Find an Estepona property online

Before actually flying to Spain to go check out several homes you’re interested in you might want to check out the current offer. realista understands that many of their buyers don’t actually live in Spain (yet) and so they put all the properties that are currently for sale on their website. They include a lot of information and many great photos, so it’s easy to get a good first impression of the property and its features. Finding the Estepona property of your dreams online is easy at realista’s website. Not only do they have wide offer of beautiful homes, but like mentioned above, they give you lots of useful information about all the homes and include many photos. Once you’ve created a lits of possible future homes you can contact them to set up appointments to visit the properties in real life. realista will try to plan all the visits on one day so there’s no need for a long visit to Spain. This comes in handy for those who want to buy a Estepona property but are very busy with business. When you’ve decided which property tu buy, realista will advise you in how exactly to handle it, since getting a mortgage in Spain might work a little differently than getting one in your own country.

Luxurious homes in Andalusia

If you’re one of the lucky ones that can afford a luxurious Marbella of Estepona property, realista is the partner you need to do so. Their real estate agents know the entire area and only show you the best and most luxurious homes and plots. If you don’t find the home of your dreams but still want an Estepona property, you might want to buy a plot. If you do so, you can design your own dream home from scratch, with a little help from an architect. Again, if you have any questions on how to do so, realista is happy to help. Contact them to find out all about the currently available plots on the area of your choice!